Barak Obama’s Social Media Success


In the past century, there have been many advances in the way people communicate. Franklin D. Roosevelt transformed the way the radio was used to spread political messages. John F. Kennedy was the first to use the television to do this. In recent years, there has been a rapid change in the way that information is spread and society interacts with one another. Information exchange has become a multifaceted communication tool to both share and receive feedback. Barak Obama, the president of this new social media era, is often dubbed the “first social-media president”.


Through the use of social media, you can also choose the audience you are targeting. In class, our professor used the following example: Most people don’t care about politics, but do care about other topics. The ability to target the specific group of people in order to get the most people listening is called Micro-politics. Obama learned that the individual is the universe, so each voter has a different set of things important to them in their own individual universe. Because of this, the future of politics has to be addressed to groups and individuals, not society. One of his greatest accomplishments was the ability to engage the Y_Generation (people born after 1982) which make up a large amount of voters. Below, is how Obama used Facebook and Twitter during his presidency.


As one of the most important social media websites of our time, Facebook was used by Barak Obama in both campaigning for election and to communicate as president. The president set aside a $16 million internet budget, using $643,000 to promote his Facebook account.

Once elected, he created the Official Facebook Page of the White House in May 2009.


He also has his own personal Facebook account, POTUS (President Of The United States) that has been since handed down to current president Donald Trump.


Barak Obama has three twitter accounts. The first one, @BarackObama, is used for election efforts. This twitter account has over 86 million followers. This account is run by Organizing for Action, with most posts being by his staff.

He also created the twitter account of @WhiteHouse for presidential activities. This twitter is now run by the current President’s staff.


Finally, he created his personal twitter account, @POTUS. With this account, the former president was able to answer questions posed by other users, as well as bring to light many issues important to him. These include healthcare and reducing gun violence. The importance of this twitter account is that Obama could promptly address situations as they arise. For example, when the police arrested 14 year old Ahmed for bringing an electronic clock to school, Obama took to Twitter to reach out to the child.


While any president would have adapted to the new social media era and use this to help their campaign, Barak Obama did this in a way that made a lasting and profound impact.



Throughout my life, I have been very passionate about volunteering with children fighting cancer. I met Emma when volunteering at Children’s Hospital. She was being treated for Fanconi Anemia, a fatal bone marrow illness. She was bald, wore a brightly colored mask, had an NG tube coming out of her nose and dragged around an IV pole that was twice her size. Even while tangled with wires and beeping machines, nothing stopped her as she grabbed my hand and asked me to stack blocks together. Through all of her treatments, she remained unscathed. 11728717_10206936850368817_8892308090875889109_o.jpg

Facebook has been a very important tool for me to organize and mobilize people in order to make things happen for the greater good. After starting a Facebook page for her that now has 70,000 followers, I decided that I can use this account in order to try to make Emma’s wish come true.  Facebook is a very important tool for  to organize and mobilize people in order to make things happen for the greater good. Our campaign, #GetEmmaToMeetTaylorSwift, was born on her Facebook page, Prayers for Emma. Facebook Link

After we posted, the news to get Emma to meet Taylor Swift took the media by storm. Hundreds of people were retweeting #GetEmmatoMeetTaylorSwift and it even became trending on twitter. After thousands of people messaged the pop star on Twitter, her publicist finally responded and asked Emma to fly to Charlotte, NC to attend the show.

At the show, Emma got to meet her idol, Taylor Swift. After spending around 20 minutes together, Emma mentioned that she would love to dance onstage with Taylor. Originally she said no, but later on in the show we were surprised when she picked Emma up out of the audience for the song “Sparks Fly”

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Through the use of social media and twitter, this was able to be accomplished. Twitter has become a key source in motivating people in order to crowd raise and start grassroots movements. It works by building a community of leaders to propel ideas forward and make a change. Social media magnifies a message, making more people be able to see and act on things they feel drawn to. This in turn makes sure that the message is heard by people who are able to actually make something happen. If enough people share a message, anything can be accomplished.

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