Questions for Valentí Sanjuan

Valentí Sanjuan, a Spanish native, is a self-made athlete, journalist, and entrepreneur. His mother was diagnosed with cancer and unfortunately lost her life to the disease. This was a huge obstacle that Valentí Sanjuan had to overcome, but he did so with the help and inspiration of his sister. Through his positive outlook on life, he is able to take the obstacles he is given and turn them into something amazing. He first was working for Catalunya Radio for many years. He then left his work there and used his social networking sills to develop the company Gordon Seen. Now, he is their creative director. Additionally, he set up a Youtube channel called Visto Visto.


Athletically, he has also accomplished very much. 2 months before the Ironman of Lanzarote, he decided to participate and began training. He also participated in the marathon of Sables, crossed the desert in 7 days, and completed a total of 5 ironman competitions. One quote he said that particularly resonates with me is “there are people for whom do 5 kilometers each day has much more merit than I do this.” This resonated with me because he is able to put everyones accomplishments in perspective and seems like a very humble person. According to Valenti Sanjuan, he considers himself a “TV presenter, amateur sportsman, Mistake Maker and longboarder. Founder and creative director at Gordon Seen.”

I have many questions that I would like to ask Valenti Sanjuan. As introduction questions, I would be interested in if he played sports in his childhood and when he knew that he wanted to be an athlete. Was he amazing at sports as a child, or is this a talent he developed over time?  Is there a favorite sport he has, or does he enjoy all of them? Also, how did he train for an ultra man and iron man in such a short amount of time? I would also be curious as to what made him decide to go into journalism. Was it a passion he always had? Was it a passion he developed in his adolescent years? Out of all of the places he traveled for sports, I am curious as to which of the places is his favorite and what he learned from the trips.  I am also curious as to how he found hope and strength after the tragic death of his mother. What is the motivating factor that kept him going each day? How does his sister play an impact on his everyday life? In what ways does she inspire him? As far as his company goes, I am very interested in finding out how he got the funds to start the company he has. Also, I want to know how integrated social media is in his everyday life. I look forward to hearing Valentí Sanjuan  speak to our class and am excited to hear more about his life.


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