Icelandic Adventure

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to travel to Reykjavik, Iceland. The flight from Barcelona to Iceland was 4 and a half hours. Once we arrived, we took a taxi to our hotel, Hotel Odds-on.



My first piece of advice for people traveling to Iceland: Make sure you arrange transportation from the airport to the hotel before hand. We didn’t, and our taxi was $165 USD. GreyLine tours provides transportation for 24 euros, which is the cheapest we were able to find. We had a great night enjoying watching the snow fall from the Jacuzzi. The next day, we went into Reykjavik to explore the town. Our hotel was only a few minute walk from the city center, so we ventured out in the cold when the snow stopped for a few hours.


Later that night, we went with Special Tours on a boat tour to see the Aurora Borealis. Special tours made the experience very enjoyable. We were able to arrange a hotel pickup and drop off, making it much easier. They provided warm overalls for us to wear which kept us cozy the entire time. As the night went on, we were able to spot the northern lights in the distance. They were green because of the altitude iceland is located. Before the science was discovered behind this (see video below for information on what the Aurora Borealis is) each region would have their own stories of why the lights were there. People from Iceland believed the lights were dancing spirits of children who died at birth. In Estonia, the lights were present when the whales were playing games.



The next day was what we were most excited for. We were going to the Blue Lagoon! The Blue Lagoon is a large, geothermal spa that originates 2,000 meters below the earth’s surface. The lagoon water picks up Sillia, algae, and minerals on its way to the surface, giving it the blue color. The water of the lagoon is between  37°C and 40°C. The day tours that day were canceled due to the weather, but thankfully ours still remained going. We went with Gray Line to the blue lagoon. It was a 40 minute ride from Reykjavik. Once we arrived, we jumped right into the water and stayed there for hours enjoying the sunset.screen-shot-2017-03-05-at-7-35-03-pm


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