Best of NYC

Visiting New York City is fun any time of year, and even better are the amazing things  to do there. Whether your there for a quick weekend vacation or are lucky enough to spend a longer amount of time there, its guaranteed you will fall in love with this city. Having spent much time in Manhattan over the years, I am going to tell you some of my favorite things to do while there.


  1. See a Broadway Showd636df5a-3e74-4a50-8b3a-5d3da1521c7a_560_420

New York is known for their broadway shows, and they are truly amazing! Seeing plays on Broadway is a incredible experience that can be done regardless of the weather, and is great for the whole family. Tickets can sometimes be expensive, so if you are planning on doing this I suggest buying tickets in advance. Wicked was one of my favorite broadway shows, here is them singing at the tony awards to give you a glimpse of how amazing these actors and actresses are!


2. Time Square and Empire State Building 

If this is your first time in New York City, Time Square is a place you are going to want to hit while you are there. This is the city that never sleeps, and you can be sure that there is always something going on in Time Square. It is located in Midtown, Manhattan between Broadway and Seventh Avenue. While you are there, you should be sure to get tickets to go to the top of the Empire State Building. They are only a few blocks away and the view from this 102-story skyscraper is amazing!


3. Where to Stay 

As far as hotels go, there are plenty in NYC! A few of my favorites are the following:

The Marriott Marque: This hotel is located in the heart of Time Square on 1535 Broadway, this hotel is always one of my favorites due to the location and convenience.

Trump SOHO: This beautiful hotel in lower manhattan has great service, as well as food. Also, this area is great for shopping and restaurants.

4. Shopping 
New york has some of the best shopping in the world! Soho, a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, is my favorite place to shop. One of my favorite stores to visit there is Dash, which is the store that the Kardashian sisters own. Located at 191 Spring Street, this chic store is a must go to.

Canal Street, also located in Lower Manhattan, spans from East Broadway between Essex and Jefferson Streets in the east, to West Street between Watts and Spring Streets in the west. Canal street is known for bargaining. Many of the open air stores in this buzzing commercial districts are known for selling bags, perfumes, and shoes. Most of the products are notoriously copied, with brand names on all the products.





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