World Tour

Our first weekend trip was to Copenhagen, Denmark. We stayed at Urban House, a modern boutique hostel in the heart of Copenhagen. We arrived early Friday morning and got lunch as soon as we arrived. We then were able to go to Christiana Island, an island known as “FreeTown Christiana”. This is a self proclaimed autonomous island where cannabis is widely accepted by law enforcement’s. It was very interesting to see the culture on this island.

After the weekend, it was time to head back to Barcelona to start another week of classes. The next weekend, we went to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Once we arrived, we had a cab driver who was very friendly. We were very surprised to learn that 95% of the people there speak English. We stayed in a little hostel called Hostel Orfeo. For the amount of money we paid this hostel was not worth it. We arrived and immediately noticed the horrible smell coming from the hallways. However, the location was amazing. The next day, we decided to visit the Anne Frank house. This was something absolutely amazing to see. She wanted to be a writer so badly, and it is great to see how successful she was. We did a canal cruise throughout amsterdam, and also went to vondelpark and walked around. This was one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been to! anne-frank-house4


The last weekend, we went to Dublin, Ireland. This trip was absolutely amazing. The people in this country are so kind! It was also a sweet relief to hear people speaking English. We stayed at an adorable airbnb on Dudley Street and the first night we got there we were exhausted so we just went to bed. The next day we decided the best way to see the city was to do the hop on hop off bus tour. This tour allowed us to see the city without being out in the cold walking around all day. Once we got to Temple Bar, we hopped off the bus and got the free beer that our tour provided. I am not a big beer person, but the dark guiness beer there was  great!

The following day, we got up at 6:30 am and boarded a bus to the west side of Ireland, a town called Doolin. Doolin is home to the cliffs of Moher, one of the most beautiful sites I have seen in my life! Our bus driver was very educated and shared with us much information about the history of Ireland. We ate a lunch at a local hotel and the bus took us to see the pier nearby. Overall a great day!

If you click here, I was able to construct a map of my travels thus far. Enjoy!



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